The Ordinary Moments – The Pub

Eating out as a family doesn’t happen too often for us. Trying to enjoy a meal with a 3 year old that still has a very limited understanding of boundaries and a recently mobile baby who is no longer happy being strapped in – well it’s just not that relaxing. Put it this way, i can think of better ways to spend 40 quid.


So i guess this weeks moment is not that ordinary but when we do go to the ‘cafe’ (read pub) this is the ordinary setting. S in a highchair with an infinite supply of rice cakes, F in the care of the auto nanny, J (behind the camera) trying to watch the football and me with a large glass of ‘mummy’s juice’. There is often a fair amount of sugary bribery involved because sometimes you just have to choose your battles, if nothing else the wine certainly helps it all ‘feel’ a bit more relaxing :)


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24 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – The Pub

  1. notafrumpymum

    Haha, eating out with one child is a challenge enough, so I can imagine it’s a whole lot worse with two. We had to completely abandon meal out plans last week because O was in a terrible mood and it would have been a complete waste of money!
    Mummy juice and a takeaway at home instead (once the little terror was fast asleep upstairs) x

  2. 3yearsandhome

    Ha! I’ve just written a post about exactly this (not published it yet though). Some moments are made all the better with a glass of something ‘nice’ to accompany them ;-)

  3. jripatti

    I love your reference to mommy juice, auto nanny and rice cakes. I do the exact same when we go out for dinner with my 2 yr old n 5 month old n hubby is definitely always watching the tv behind. Lol life is funny. Love ur post. I can highly relate.

  4. mummydaddyme

    Haha I love this photo it is so similar to our set up when we go out for a meal. It’s hard because we used to love eating out, and I get in my head that we should all go out, then as soon as we are there I regret it and think we should have stayed home. ;)


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