The Ordinary Moments – Brotherly Love

It’s there, although you have to look hard and dig deep.

Underneath all the bravado and protests, the snatching and the shoving, the declarations of ‘he’s not my best friend!’, there is a small dose of brotherly love.

Every once in a while you catch a little glimpse – big bro sees and revels in his role. Right here, right now it’s enjoying feeding little bro his breakfast because ‘babies are so silly and they can’t do it themselves can they?’

Nope indeed he is ‘just a silly baby‘ but we ALL love him none the less!


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24 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Brotherly Love

  1. Mummy Hearts You

    Oh we have the “he’s not my best friend” all the time! and yes its lovely when they do hug, share and just generally be nice to one another! Such a cute photo :) x

  2. jennypaulin

    I remember B trying to feed J fromage frais when B was weaning – what a mess! Its lovely for big brother to show little brother some love even if he is a silly little baby lol cute and i adore how little brother is looking at you as if to say, yeah ok i will let him feed me ! xx

  3. mummydaddyme

    This is so sweet, and like you say, it must be lovely to see little glimpses of their relationship. We call LL a ‘silly baby’ all the time poor girl- she will be fed up of hearing it when she is older. ;) But it is said in the nicest possible way! x

  4. Mummy Endeavours

    Aww that’s cute. It’s very heartwarming when our children are loving towards each other. My twins get on so well and my heart melts, but my older boy and girl fight all the time which is very stressful, but god help anyone else that upset her – my boy would be the first to intervene! xx


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