This time last year…….

**Well actually it was more like 14 months ago but it didn’t have quite the same ring to it as a title so sue me ;)**

This time ‘just over’ a year ago we were jetting off on holiday to Cyprus. A Septembers final fling to the diabolical summer that we had.

A chance for F to experience his first true taste of beach life, far away from the cold grey waters of home. A chance for us to spend so much time in and out of the water that we hardly have any shots of us in clothes.







A chance to eat as much ice-cream and drink as many milkshakes as you possibly could.



A chance for us all (ESPECIALLY ME) to relax.



A chance for a crazy little family of 3….

….and a small bump. To enjoy things just as they were.

Before jetting back to normal life and preparations….


for a soon to be family of 4.

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23 thoughts on “This time last year…….

  1. elliebearbabi

    Aw u all looked like u had a fab time! Such gorgeous pictures. So nice to get a trip as a fam of 3 bfre the new little fourth addition! Made me wanna book a holiday away from all this wind n rain. Lovely post. Vicki x

  2. 3yearsandhome

    So sweet. We never had a final fling before BB arrived. I was so fat, I’m not sure an aero plane seat would have contained me. I’m thinking of a holiday in the sun this summer but not sure whether it’s just easier to relax at home.

  3. beckstar2112

    Jealous! That sun looks incredible! I’ve just made my mind up that when we decide to have another I will definitely be having a family babymoon first!


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