A Family Portrait For November


We’ve just got back from a super last minute Me & Mine – It’s not that i had planned to be so useless, the month just panned out that way!

Last week J was on holiday and we had high plans, taking the boys on lots of day trips including a visit to the big smoke to check out the science museum and take a river boat ride. But another virus hit us like a train meaning we were on lock down yet again. So while it was useful to have an extra pair of hands that week it still felt like a real waste on precious holiday time. Still i guess dems da breaks.

But here we are fighting fit (apart from the unwavering levels of snot) and at the top of the beautiful Ditchling Beacon (or ‘on top of the world!’ according to F) to secure our family portrait for November. I hope you can see that we are all pretty happy at the moment, very, very much looking forward to the start or advent tomorrow! Perhaps a little bit too excited but still…..




I am mega chuffed with this one! It’s so difficult to get them to sit next to each other let alone look happy!


dear beautiful

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21 thoughts on “A Family Portrait For November

  1. dearbeautifulboy

    Such beautiful shots this month. Lovely scenery and lovely smiley, happy family too. Sorry to hear you’ve been struck with illness, there is so much of it around, but good to hear you’re all fighting fit now for all of December’s fun! x

  2. cariemay

    Oh wow – what a view! Definitely on top of the world, and I love the picture of the boys together, it’s so sweet!

  3. mummydaddyme

    I love the one of them together, so gorgeous. Definitely a frame jobby. And I am just as excited about advent! Wooooo hooooooo! Cannot wait! Beautiful photos, think they may be my favourites of yours ever!. x


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