The Ordinary Moments – Not cooking

The toy kitchen AKA climbing frame/car wash.

Basically just doing anything with the bloody thing apart from actually cooking on it.




mummy daddy me


19 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Not cooking

  1. jennypaulin

    ha ha that is sooooo funny! my two played with their toy kitchen so well in the early days and now it is like they cook anything but the toy food! x

  2. mummydaddyme

    So true. We have an ikea play kitchen and currently the sink is filled with three odd socks, some plastic peppa pig keys, a wooden cupcake and a first birthday card. ;)

  3. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Oh that’s awesome!! My son was that way – and I bought one of those little plastic bubble cars for my nephew, you know, Flintstone’s type? And my sister sent me a video, he was climbing all over it and sliding down it and doing everything except sitting in the driver seat and driving himself around! :) I love little boys!

  4. Jenny

    I love this!!!! That’s what a kitchen in my house would be doing. Everything is a car garage for Bubas McQueen cars. We have been looking everywhere for the sheriff !!! Jealous. Have a lot of the others. Boys will be boys! I love your post! They are cute climbing on top of it like that. Little explores! Great ordinary moment!

  5. WallyMummy

    I’m pretty impressed they can get up there :) It’s amazing the places small people can get to isn’t it… *realises has temporarily lost own chid but finds it in the bin* :) x

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