An alternative Mother’s Day card

bath cardfinal

 Happy Mother’s Day to all the imperfect Mamas out there. And to my own who was, and is, pretty perfect in every way :)


Thank you so much!
I have been lucky enough to make the finals of the MAD blog awards 2014 for ‘Best New Blog’. If you would like to take a minute to vote for me here it would be hugely appreciated.

If you are feeling in a particularly votey mood you can also put me forward for the Brilliance In Blogging awards in the laugh, writer or fresh voice categories here. Ta!


18 thoughts on “An alternative Mother’s Day card

  1. josandelson

    Only semi-conscious when I started reading this and thought the letter was from you to your Mum. Was vaguely thinking that Cheerios have been around for quite a while now. Best off to bed now x

  2. Mel Molloy

    I don’t know why we have glitter in this house. ..99.9% of the time I say ‘no, not today…’ it brings me out in a cold sweat as it ingrains itself on the table. ..happy mother’s day! X

  3. Shannon

    Ha ha! It’s not Mother’s day here so I thought the first post I saw was a mistake but I guess not. Ours is in late May. Happy Mother’s day :-)

  4. franglaisemummy

    I love that card, I want it! Get it printed for next year, I will make Hubs get it for me ;-) What a lovely post, and I love seeing old pics like these ones. x


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