Tips for scoring antibiotics

This week has mostly been about vomit. The baby went down first and then after 5 days on lock down he started to feel a bit better, so i started to fantasise about actually getting out for some air and maybe spending nap-time enjoying a bit of garden sun.

Then this morning, with precision timing, the bigger one vomited everywhere as i was getting him ready for pre-school. So with a very ill big one and a not fully recovered little one, who was by now also battling a painful ear infection we have been doing lots of this.


Which wouldn’t be half so bad if they were in any way decent patients. But they can’t really sit still, they just keep getting up and trying to play and then wailing and coming back for a cuddle. They do this on loop, interspersed by vomiting, a small bit of sleeping and a lot of ear bashing.

And then would you frickin believe it this happened.


Leading to me hiding in the kitchen between vomit cleaning shifts, doing this.


It seems i am the only person in possession of a half decent immune system around here. Shouldn’t the breastfed baby have better anti-bodies or something? Surely there must be someone i can sue under the trade descriptions act.

The brief times i have left the house I have been on a mission to score drugs on behalf of teeny tiny eardrums. Which is no mean feat soon as i always seem to get the doctor that makes you feel like a junkie who is for some reason addicted to giving her baby antibiotics.

Anyway i thought i would share my top tips for getting your hands on the good stuff:-

  • Tell them the baby won’t sleep, is irritable and very sad.
  • Tell them the baby is headbutting the floor and walls in pain.
  • Tell them your baby won’t eat anything, is lethargic and thin.
  • Tell them the baby is struggling to see the point in life.
  • Tell them, yes, you know the baby is smiling and happy looking but they always do that when you go to the doctors just to make you look like a neurotic bitch.

Actually no. None of those things work.

The only thing that works is to take them once and say those things and then take them back and repeat those things 3 days later. When no, it did not get better by itself and yes he has just been in unnecessary pain for all that time and yes you are all a tad tired.

Never mind anyway – ultimately I win! ALL HAIL BANANA FLAVOURED AMOXICILLIN.


A better week in a bottle.

So whilst the sick people are tired of being sick and the well people (me) are tired of looking after the sick people, there has been one positive thing about today – I just read that Lucy Beale is soon to be murdered in Eastenders! :)


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26 thoughts on “Tips for scoring antibiotics

  1. Emma

    I don’t envy your vom fest but all hail the antibiotics! Hope tomorrow’s a better day all round. And that’s really cheered me up about Lucy…I DO hope its true!

  2. craftsonsea

    We all had the vomiting thing the other week, lots of fun!! I always tell the doctors we’ve been ill for three days and I don’t really agree with antibiotics but *sigh* I think we’ll have to try that. And them my toddler has a screamer and refuses to take it anyway…..

  3. wrymummy

    Love it, Katie! What a pants week you’ve had, hope you get a day off this weekend if hubs deigns to re-enter the land of the living. It’s the same with us – I never get the bug when others are falling around me. Sometimes I dream of throwing up…xx

  4. Eline

    Aw mate, that sounds truly awful. My other half always gets ill at the same time as M, and every single time I just want to strangle him. I know it’s not his fault but, really? Really REALLY? I hope they all get better soon and the good stuff works quickly so you get some sleep and fresh air x

  5. Complicated Gorgeousness

    Oh you poor thing. That is beyond pants – esp. with the husband getting in on the action. Hope it clears up soon and you get back to normal. I have another tip for getting drugs off doctors: burst into tears and yell loudly “give me the bastard drugs motherfuggers or I am leaving this baby here”. Works a treat ;) – and yay to Lucy Beale haha x

  6. brummymummyof2

    Oh rubbish times! We’ve had two coughing children but puking children is the worst. I was considering begging for the the banana stuff which cures all illness in the world ever but I never got round to it. Hope everyone gets better soon bab xxx

  7. Donna

    HA I’m so glad I don’t watch Eastenders anymore. I do, however, have three weeks of Hollyoaks and Home and Away to catch up on! Yay my life!
    Sick kids is crap. Sick parents and sick kids is hell. You have my sympathies and sending you lots of get well vibes.
    On a completely different note… Do you stick your pinkie out when drinking gin too?!

  8. Life at the Little Wood

    The yellow medicine!! And sometimes you get Orange, if you put on an Oscar worthy performance. I like to cry – it rightly speeds the process up ;) Poor you though pet – hope all the sicklings are feeling much better soon!x

  9. bethologies

    ‘Tell them the baby is struggling to see the point in life’… bwhaha! My pelvic floor is not your friend !

    I always find the worst part is getting the buggers to actually swallow the noxious yellow meds of doom.

  10. Katie @mummydaddyme

    It definitely is hard to score the drugs isn’t it? Damn doctors! And I know what you mean about these breastfed babies- I think I have got a dud one, breastfed her for 14 months and she has more colds than the rest of us put together! x

  11. Kerrie McGiveron

    I feel your pain, Gin. There is always at least one of our lot that is mildly ill. Coughs, colds, snot, vomit. That sort of thing. We are lucky in that fortunately neither myself nor my husband tend to get ill – I think we stay so busy that we are literally on the run from all manner of illness. Prompting me to say, quite often… “I CAN’T EVEN BE ILL IN THIS HOUSE!!” For which I am obviously grateful. Sending get-well wishes to your lot – I’m sure the yummy Amoxycillin will make it all better, as will you. Mums fix everything! x

  12. Not A Frumpy Mum

    Poorly babies, what a crappy week. Is hubby really ill, or faking it to get out of helping? (Or is that just my other half’s trick?)
    Sending you lots of virtual gin to last you through the weekend xx

  13. Helloitsgemma

    You know I feel your pain. They ought to give wine boxes with the antibiotic prescription. If you actually score the vile stuff then you win a bonus wine box?? Am emailing the health secretary straight away.

  14. Dean B

    Oh dear, hope all the sickness is gone by now! T also had a temperature for about two days, but nothing like that. She only vomited once after eating blue-berries! Yes, you get the picture. Love the photo of you sipping your wine with your pinkie up! Hail to the pinkie! ;) x

  15. jennypaulin

    eeeek what a week of illness you have had! just aswell you have managed to keep the germs at bay else your house and its inhabitants would have self combusted or something!
    that amoxillian is disgusting though, i rememebr when Burton had to have some when he was 2 and we had a right old battle getting it in him. force feeding by a syringe was done in the end !
    still, glad to see you were able to sneak in some wine lol youy do make me laugh

  16. Jess @ Along Came Cherry

    HAHA you do make me laugh!! J is ill at the moment, he’s been ill so many times in his little life, and I’m still bloody breastfeeding him! It’s all lies! And we are supposed to be going away this weekend so I’m in no doubt that Cherry will come down with it on Friday! x

  17. Jenny

    Ahhh Katie I am so sorry to hear they all have not been well at all. I think I am one step behind you. The vomitted only started today but Buba has been laid on the couch not eating for three. It’s been a snot coughing cuddle and attempting play and then running back to lay down week here too. I feel for you. I just tried scooping vomit out of Buba’s car seat. It was everywhere. Think Missy Moo now might be getting it. I hope it all goes away by Easter!!! I want to get out for some fresh air and sun. I hope you can do the same soon my lovely. Biggest hugs to you and the fam! Get out the gin! ;)


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