Happy Father’s Day


To the best daddy in the world –  this is what your eldest son actually said when i asked him what to put on the card – i hope it makes you feel happy and appreciated :)

Sending all our love form Brighton to Brazil. Thank you for being the calm that keeps us all together. Stay safe, we miss you x


And of course to my own wonderful father – the coolest dad who makes the meanest G&T’s x




17 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. josandelson

    Fabulous photo Katie! How did you manage to get all your family to pose like that without cracking up? And they all look just like you – even the baby :) X

  2. Donna

    No wonder you’re a bit loopy ;) I wanna crash your family Christmas!!! AND, I love how your sentimental side came out in this post. Love the photos of the boys x

  3. cariemay

    More than Lightening MacQueen AND mirrors – now that is praise indeed! Love the photos, especially the family photo – looks like that was a great evening!

  4. wrymummy

    Ha ha – loves him more than his poorly knee! Cute! Your family photo is brill. You are a lovely wife writing such a nice post while Himself is in Brazil ;) Can’t wait till Friday! xxx

  5. mummydaddyme

    Adore the family photo! I forgot he is in Brazil, hope he is having an amazing time. And you are coping ok. ;) Can’t wait to meet you on Friday. x

  6. Jenny

    Ahhh I absolutely love this, so sweet. And I am loving your drawing katie they are amazing. Keep it up. What an awesome family you have. I love big family photos. Hope you are coping ok with other half in Brazil. eeek Big hugs and see you Friday!!! Not long. Wow just got so excited.


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