Are you a bad mum if you don’t buy Clarks shoes?

I have a confession to make, we don’t always buy Clarks shoes for our kids. Do you think badly of me?

I haven’t always been so wicked. When son one started toddling I took him down to Clarks without even considering the alternatives. Did i do it for the fear that all other shoes would damage his tiny precious feet, despite them being about 90% fat? Or was it because I thought other people would look down on me for going against the grain? To be honest It wasn’t even really a decision, you just DO get your kids shoes from Clarks…don’t you?

Well over the last few years I’m afraid I have become disillusioned with Clarks for various reasons: –

    1. I resent the fact that they often cost more than my own shoes.
    2. They make them in half sizes and with a half size of growing room. If they have a half size of growing room then i don’t get why you can’t just buy them every other size. I have presented this conundrum to shop assistants before but they just look baffled.
    3. Another key selling point is the variable width fitting. According to their website less than a third of children fit standard width shoes. Sounds convincing huh? Yep until you go in and they are out of 4G’s but an H should be ok – or they are out of 7.5 F’s them they guess an E would probably cut it.foot_n
    4. Where have the huge foot measuring machines gone? You know the one they used to have when you were a kid, where the metal bits would slide in surrounding your foot making you feel special and scared in equal proportions. On reflection they were pretty comical but at least you would feel like you were getting more bang for your buck.
    5. The size provided seems to vary by geographical location and day of the week. Who’d of thunk it, but it is even possible to drop a half size instead of grow it!
    6. They have recently launched ‘a radical new measuring device that combines over 270 years of shoe fitting heritage with state of the art design innovation’ – basically you stand on a thing with an iPad shoved in it. This is a bloody ridiculous abuse of technology – can you do anything without an app these days?! It also goes against one of the key rules in our house which is not to stand on the iPad.
    7. Where have the rocking horses gone? :(
    8. I don’t like going anywhere that you have to get a ticket to wait to be served unless it results in the acquisition of nice cheeses. There are no nice cheeses in Clarks.
    9. I don’t even like their shoes.

So instead i am a bad mum cos i like my kid looking cool in converse (or most of the time £8 pumps from Debenhams) which are actually cheaper and harder wearing!


I will probably be down at Clarks buying school shoes for the eldest when he starts in September though, because that is just what you DO isn’t it? And I’m not sure i could bear the potential wrath at the school gates ;)


This post is linked up to the #badmumsclub linky. This time it’s hosted by the lovely Alison at Not Another Mummy Blog 


68 thoughts on “Are you a bad mum if you don’t buy Clarks shoes?

  1. Aileen

    We do a mixture of Clarks and “cheap” shoes. Cheap shoes are for nursery as she normally takes them off the first chance she gets and they get covered in paint and mud etc. Clarks shoes are for the days when she will be wearing them from first thing in the morning till she practially goes to bed. Its all about balance and I dont think I am doing my child any harm by putting her in velcro strapped £4 shoes from Tesco!

  2. Louise @ Birds and Lilies

    I’m almost positive that one of the Clarks in Nottingham still has one of those measuring machines! I tend to have one of my toddler’s pairs of shoes as Clarks so that she can wear them if I know she’ll be walking a lot, she does have wide feet like her mama though :( I’ve actually managed to get every pair we’ve bought for her (3 or 4) in the sale, all less than £15 and I’ve actually really liked them all! I don’t think any of them actually looked like Clarks (which I mostly hate), and had compliments on them and people not believing they are Clarks! We’ve been lucky with sizes in the sale I guess! x

  3. Jo

    I generally buy my 2 year old one pair of Clarks for long periods of wear and then a few other pairs to kick about it., much the same as Aileen. If I knew another shop locally that measured feet properly I would probably not bother with Clarks at all

  4. Katie

    No more measuring machines? That’s totally rubbish! There was always that moment of doubt where you just weren’t sure if the metal walls were going to stop moving or chop your feet off! As long as the shoes are comfy, I don’t think it matters- from what I’ve heard kids outgrow shoes every 4 days anyway- so they won’t be in any less-than-perfect pairs for long! xxx

  5. Honest Mum

    We mix it up here, a couple of pairs from Clarks and actually found some stunning heels in there for me too-but boys mostly rock Converse-cool kids like yours innit x

  6. Not A Frumpy Mum

    I used to love the Clark’s foot measuring machine as a kid, highlight of the trip! Glad it’s not just me that feels a tad guilty for putting them in a pair of pumps rather than a “proper” shoe! xx

  7. franglaisemummy

    I am so with you here. When L was little we were living in France so no Clarks options there, we got her far cheaper shoes from France which I think are harder wearing and nicer too. We’re off to France on holiday next week and I think we’ll be stocking up on more French, non-Clarks shoes for both girls whilst there.

  8. rebeccabean

    We bought Clarks for our son when he started school in September, and they were knackered by the Christmas holidays. Don’t do it!
    I have to admit, this year we have gone the whole hog and bought him Kickers shoes, with the hope they’ll last out the whole year! For the price, they’d better.


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