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I’m glad you’re blocking my baby’s facebook photos

To the guy who recently wrote ‘I’m Blocking Your Baby’s Facebook Photos’,

Firstly don’t worry; I’m sure none of your friends with children would have a grievance with your decision to block them. If it were me on the receiving end I would only be disappointed to have approved your friend request in the first place – because I thought you might be interested and proud to see the smiling faces of my kids? I count them as a pretty big achievement you know, I thought you might get that too.

I guess it must have been pretty liberating editing people from your life. Fair play, your choice. One thing that confuses me however is your need to do it so publicly. Is it not as much fun if you don’t tell everybody else? Are you trying to guilt trip us all into following suit? Is it all just a big screw you to facebook and instagram, do you think they would actually care?

I wonder if you would prefer we all post miserable photos instead, perhaps then we could all feel downbeat together? I am all for honest parenting and sharing the bad as well as the good but unfortunately there are no prizes for having the most difficult kid. I wish my children would do what I say but I’m afraid I am all too frequently the guy you describe in your article…

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Awwwwww thanks!

Yesterday i received the very exciting and humbling news that i had been shortlisted in the Brilliance in Blogging awards for the ‘Fresh Voice’ category. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me!

I won’t lie I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine and can’t really think of anything much more eloquent to say so i will just go with the old faithful and post a picture of a cute bunny in a party hat and hope that seals the deal for you.

It will take all of 30 seconds to put my name forward, and you can vote here

Big love in your faces xxx


Thank you! #MadBlogAwards

The blog bunnies are pissed out of their tiny skulls on virtual gin cocktails tonight for they have been celebrating that this little space full of twoddle is a finalist at the MADS 2014 blog awards. Somehow I have found myself up for ‘Best New Blog’. How nice!


Thank you so much to everybody who has read something, commented, thrown a vote my way or just thunk some nice thoughts about me, us, gin, bunnies, gin bunnies, whatever. I am beyond shocked.

Right now i am mostly excited about a night off at a fancy awards do in London, a new dress and a hangover without kids trying to use my broken body as a Grand Prix race track BUT if you would like to vote for me you can do so here.

It really is so hugely appreciated. Thank you again! x


Not living in fear.

Imagine this scenario. You are at the beach and your kids are playing by the surf with friends, making sand castles and climbing on the groynes. A man comes up and asks them to pose for a quick shot, they happily oblige and wave at the camera.

This is all unbeknown to you until you stumble upon a tourism brochure with your kids plastered across the front. You didn’t give permission for the photo to be taken and you certainly didn’t give permission for it to be used as a form of marketing.

What do you do? Complain, go absolutely nuts, contact a solicitor, try and get it banned, sue them, have a stiff drink and blast them in every forum you can think of?

I’d certainly do some of those things if it happened to me.

But you see that scenario did happen to me, except i wasn’t the parent i was one of the kids. I’m in the blue swimming costume with the daisy and my older sister is in black on the left.


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2013 Year In Review Q&A

I was tagged in Oh So Amelia’s blogging year in review post by the lovely Donna at Redhead Babyled, if you haven’t come across her before you should pop over and check out her super blog – she has a gorgeous family who are clearly a lot of fun!

There are just a few simple rules:
1. In your post, be sure to link back and thank the blogger that previously tagged you
2. Answer the questions below and tag at least 5 other bloggers
3. Include the badge in your post

1. Your top 5 new favourite blogs to read in 2013 (I would also love you guys to answer the questions if you have time!)
Wry Mummy – Jess is honest, funny and tells it like it is – just how i like it!
Tales of a Twin Mum – I love Karen’s blog as the stories of her twin boys make me laugh and remind me so much of my own son.
Wife, Mum, Student Bum Kerrie is an incredibly busy, multi-talented super mum and a little bit crazy too!
Life With Munchers The munch family look like a lot of fun so a visit here is always a good read! I also love the home and interiors posts and the blog is very pretty.
And then the fun began…… A simple, real and witty family blog by the very lovely Sam.

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The Tots 100 Scores – Are they really the be-all and end-all?


When i first came across the tots 100 a couple of months ago the competitive side of me thought ‘weeeeeeee yay charts’ and i was really motivated to see my position climb. Now? I see things a bit differently.

When the scores are released mid month i watch, slightly bemused, as my twitter feed becomes infiltrated with people tweeting in sheer joy or desperation because their scores are up or down a few places.

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The A-Z of me

I’ve not been following her fabulous blog for that long so i was honored to be tagged in ‘the A-Z of me’ by the lovely Suzanne over at 3 Children & It! You should check it out, it’s a great read. The idea is to find out a little more about the person behind the blog. It was a bit of a challenging one but here we go……

PicMonkey Collage

A is for Artistic – I’ve always been a bit creative, i don’t have much time for that outlet right now but i love to draw, paint, create – also to write which is part of the reason i started this blog.

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Blogging – what i’ve learnt


One day just over 3 months ago i was feeling a bit meh.  I felt i needed a little project, i know i though i will start a blog!

So i did. And here is what i have learnt…

1. It’s very, very time consuming.
I really didn’t have a proper understanding of just how much time i would be devoting to blogging before i started. I spend a hell of a lot of time just reading other blogs, then there is writing my own posts, replying to comments, fannying about with my blog layout etc etc. Add twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest and G+ to the mix and you could easily be working a full time job.

2. Stats and the Tots 100 are not the be all and end all.
There really is a popularity contest going on. Judging by reactions on twitter some people are seriously obsessed with their rankings and page views. Me? I’m just happy that i have any any visitors at all, the fact that people take the time to read what i write and post comments blows me away and developing a regular reader base is the icing on the cake.

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Blog yo heart out!

Well lucky old me – i have been nommed 3 times – yes 3 times!! For the amazing, incredibly prestigious, all singing, all dancing, supercallifragetlistic (sp?!) ‘Blog Your Heart Out Award’.

What do you win’ i hear you cry?

Um Nothing. But that’s beside the point. It’s the recognition that counts. apparently.

Anyway being the lazy arse that i am i don’t really get around to doing these sort of things but soon as 3 (did i mention that?) amazing bloggers had been so kind to put me forward then i figured hey, pull your finger out and get with the programme!

First a bit o love for my mentionee’s – the lovely Kerrie ‘i don’t know how she does it’  McGiveron at Wife, Mum, Student Bum, the controversial Donna ‘chip hater’ Wishart at Redhead Babyled and the ever expanding Colette ‘3 under 5 are you mental?’ B at We’re Going On An Adventure. Thank you kindly ladies :)

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