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A Family Portrait For May


I like to try and take our monthly family portraits somewhere that will have a memory attached, a holiday, day out, birthday or special event. It seems to make them that bit more special when i look back.

These ones were taken on holiday in France, at the poxy ruins no less. A holiday that wasn’t actually a ‘holiday’ as such, but it’s one that we will be much more likely to laugh about, than forget.

We’ve had an alright month I think although I can’t really remember much of what we have done, except that it culminated in a nasty sickness bug. I had thought that looking after two sick children was pretty close to hell on earth until i experienced the flip side and was the one who was ill. Dealing with the tears, trauma’s and putting up with my body being used as a human climbing frame whilst trying not to puke was pretty special. I have never been so glad to be back to normal self the last couple of days. Oh and to be back on the gin of course, a bank holiday with no gin was just plain wrong.

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A Family Portrait For April


I think our portrait for this month is particularly fitting, what says spring better than baby lambs? Mmmmmm tasty.

Before arriving at the farm to see the lambing we had been quite sure we would be spending the majority of our time staring at machinery rather than animals as F has never really shown much interest in living things (including his own dear brother).

For example, at Longleat Safari Park i brought him face to face with an incredibly intriguing anteater, certain it would spark a flicker of interest but he just wriggled free of my grasp and bolted towards the train. Things were no better at Marwell Zoo where he spent most of the time peering through the bars at the various breeds of digger helping construct a new enclosure.

He often looks at animals, including our own cat, blankly or with an element of contempt or disdain – as if to question ‘whats the point in that, it doesn’t even have wheels?’
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